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3 Baby Shower Gift Ideas and Game Ideas

3 Baby Shower Gift Ideas and Game Ideas

Baby showers are essential for many new parents. It helps them get prepared and relieves them of some of the financial burden that comes with starting a family!

However, while the shower is important for new parents, a great way for parents to say thank you for the support they've received from family and friends is by making the shower enjoyable for everyone.

One way to do that is by creating fun games to enjoy during the shower. Another way these games are fun is that they allow loved ones to feel a part of this special moment.



So here are 3 baby shower gift ideas and 3 baby shower game ideas to help the celebration go smoothly:

Find The Baby Sock

This game allows guests to stay engaged and active throughout the entire shower! And it's pretty self-explanatory. Just buy a pack a baby socks and hide them around the venue. While the shower is going on, guest will have to keep their eye out for the socks. Whoever collected the most socks by the end of the shower wins!

Guess Who?

Now this is a great way to get to know the parents better! The questions consist of things most parents do once their baby arrives. The goals is for the guests to guess which parent will do what!

For example, the question could be, "Which parent will take the most photos of their baby?" The guests will then have to guess by circling the correct option. Again, whoever gets the most right, wins!

Finish the Nursery Rhyme

This game taps into the parental instincts of all the guests! It's kind of a twist on mad libs, except the goal is to get the right answer instead of the funniest answer. These are nursery rhymes that we all grew up with, but do you remember the words?

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