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Max Of Aulon Stroller Vs Hot Mom Stroller Which one is better stroller?

Max Of Aulon Stroller Vs Hot Mom Stroller Which one is better stroller?

Bassinet Strollers

(Max of Aulon stroller Vs The Hot Mom Baby Stroller

Which one is better?

There is no doubt that bassinet strollers became very popular because of the new technology used in these strollers.

Strolling the baby in his sleeping basket is very comfortable for the baby and gives him a high level of safety compared to the traditional stroller seat that forces the child to have his head at the top of the seat and lying his foot outside of the pram now babies can sleep on a flat surface which gives longer time of sleep and comfortable strolling for parents. 

360 Degrees rotation baby stroller

 Another key feature this type of strollers that their height is adjustable and the egg shape seat allows the parent to use the stroller it self is a high dining chair

Egg shape baby stroller

 So let's go back to the main topic and see why we believe that the Aulon stroller is better than the Hot Mom stroller

  • All Aulon comes with 360 degrees rotation. 
  • More than 65% of Hot Mom strollers had wheels problem in the first year, while the Aulon stroller wheels are rubber made all Hot Mom wheels are inflatable wheels. 
  • As a distributor for both brands, warranty coverage for Aulon works easier and faster than Hot Mom stroller. 
  • Wider selection of colors for Aulon brand including Pink, Black, Brown, White and Silver colors. 
  • Larger selection of accessories included like baby umbrella, cup holder, mosquito net, cushion inside the pram that gives support for baby back instead of sleeping direct on the hard pram surface all are authentic and free included accessories. 

And the most important thing is that Aulon strollers get much better feedback from customers than Hot Mom strollers do.

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