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Year 1 Milestones: What You Should Know While Watching Your Little One Grow

Year 1 Milestones: What You Should Know While Watching Your Little One Grow

When it comes to welcoming a baby into the world, it’s easy for parents to get wrapped up in the timeline of milestones! While a basic timeframe is out there for reference, it’s important for parents to remember that all babies are different, meaning that some babies can reach milestones earlier or later than the average timeframe.

With that said, we know it is important to be aware of these various first-year milestones, so in this article we are sharing things to look out for during the first year of your little ones life and when you could expect to see them. These milestone moments were originally shared by March of Dimes.

Month 1:

During the first month of your child’s life, you may see them learn how to move their head side to side when they are on their stomach.

You’ll notice them start to hear very well and even recognize a parent’s voice or other common sounds.

Your baby will likely prefer seeing human’s face rather than an object, but they will still begin to focus on object roughly 8 to 12 inches away from them.

Babies around this age may also keep their hands in a tight fits, learn to bring their hands to their face, and their arms may also make jerking movements.

Month 3:

As your little one reaches week 12 of life, you’ll start see some strength in their neck and chest particularly when they are enjoying tummy time.

Parents may start to notice them lifting their head during tummy time and using their arms to support their upper body. In addition to this, you may also notice your child stretching and kicking their legs with on their tummy or back.

Babies will also push back when their feet are on something firm.

In addition to lower body developments, children at this age often learn to open and shut their hands, bring hands to their moth, and begin to develop hand and eye coordination while also grabbing and shaking their favorite toys.

Children may start to make noises and start to babble while also following object with their eyes and recognizing certain objects and people. They may even start to enjoy playing with people.

Month 7:

By the time your baby is seven months, you’ll be amazed at what your little one may start to do. From rolling over, sitting up, reaching for things they want, transferring those object from hand to hand, to also being able to stand and support themselves while being help upright, these are just a few milestones they could reach.

You may also notice your child start to recognize their own name, enjoy playing peek-a-boo, distinguish emotions with their tone, and start to use their hands and mouth to explore objects. They may also take interest in mirrors.

Year 1:

By the time your child turns a year old, they can likely sit without assistance, get into a hands-and-knee position, crawl, pull themselves up, and they may already be walking.

Additionally they could already be speaking small words like “oh,” “dada,” “mama,” and “no.” They may also use gestures to communicate like shaking their head no and waving goodbye. They may also make attempts at more difficult words as well.

Children at the age may also be able to find the correct picture when an image is labeled, use the pincer grasp, the index finger and thumb, to grab food and objects.

Year 2:

By year two, your child is likely walking, running, carrying toys while walking, kicking balls, climbing on items unassisted, walk up and down stairs, draw with crayons, play make believe, follow instructions, use simple phrases and sentences, build with blocks, and show independence and imitate behavior.

As the March of Dimes reports, this timeline also changes should your baby be born prematurely. These timeframes are based on your child’s due date, not their birth date. So if your child was born two months early, then it is likely they will meet “third month milestones” during their fifth month of life.

So if you’re expecting a little one, then check out Tay Online for strollers, cribs, and so much more!

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