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Is it safe buying on TAY Online Store ? Is it legit online store?

Is it safe buying on TAY Online Store ? Is it legit online store?

A common questions asked by website visitors or through social media

  • Is it a legit website? 
  • Is it scam?
  • have any one tried buying something from here before?


How can our visitor feel safe when he is shopping online , on our website or even other online shopping websites?


Well there are many factors that will show you if the website you are using or planning to buy something is secured and safe like:

  • Secured connection will be identified by your internet browser on the address bar when you see any link online that starts with http(s) that means that this website is secured.
  • A second reason for shopping with trust on TAY Online Store is Norton Shopping Guarantee on each product page and below add to cart button you'll see Norton Shopping Guarantee seal.
    Norton is the worlds largest internet security provider and verified TAY Online Store as a trusted and safe shopping website.

  • A 3rd reason if you are buying through a mobile device and have Apple Pay wallet or if you have Amazon account you can use your financial information including shipping address on your wallet to pay on TAY Online Store without even using your credit card directly on the website.
  • A 4th reason, if you are browsing one of our Pins on Pinterest you'll be able to add the product to cart direct from Pin page and checkout completely on Pinterest without even using our website as TAY Online Store is a trusted business partner on Pineterest.
  • You can also open our website from your computer and click on Norton Shopping Guarantee seal on left bottom corner and verify all information by your self.

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