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Words Fellow Moms Have Used to Describe Labor

Words Fellow Moms Have Used to Describe Labor

Whether you are preparing for birth or you’ve been there already, we asked fellow moms words they would use to describe labor.

So in order to prepare yourself, here are a few of the words that were used! Speaking of preparing, one mom actually said she believed only the worst before going into labor, making the actually pain slightly less painful.


It’s an interesting tactic, but if you think it could help you, there you go!

Here are 30 more words moms have used to describe labor:

“Exciting and painful but worth every moment.”


“It’s a miracle. Truly worth it.”


“Ouch, but very worth it.”


“Torturous! I thought I was dying!!!”


“Painful with a wonderful ending.”






“There are no words, it is a pain you can’t describe.”






“No bueno!!!”


“Like passing a watermelon!”






“Worse than death, I am positive.”


“F**k this.”














“Long and hard!”





















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